Kite Caellum

Kite Caellum is a human Elemental, a masterful user of wind-based magic. He is currently a mentor to a party of young heroes and has is tasked with the protection of the Timeline. He will occasionally aid adventurers in their tasks, or provide guidance.

Currently he lives in the small town of Elmwood, on the continent of Samaria. There, he trains tutors children who have come into their own as fledgling magic users.


Kite was mentored at a very young age by Locke Abrams, a prominent Elemental of his time. Together they worked to uncover a threat to the natural balance of the world, the Stratia. Kite came into his own as a magic user, and, led by Locke and other Elementals, he stopped a full scale invasion of these creatures from overtaking the planet.

Sometime after the Stratia invasion, he began studying Time magic under the tutelage of Ventis, a powerful dragon who controls and mends the Timeline. Working with Ventis to solve several anomalies in the Timeline, it was decided by Ventis and his kin that Kite be made a guardian of the Timeline, with several privileges to use forbidden magic, including permission to alter the timeline itself, and to use his magic to travels the veil between his world and others.

Kite Caellum

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